Charred Timber Cladding

Modern cladding inspired by the ancient Japanese craft of fire treatment.

Charred timber cladding, or Shou Sugi Ban, is a traditional Japanese wood charring technique that creates a striking burnt, textural look. The process creates a black carbon layer on timber boards that promotes long term durability. Shou Sugi Ban is popular among leading architects and builders for its natural look and unique appearance.

We supply timbers that can now combine the ancient craft of fire treatment with precision milled architectonic cladding profile. The timber is thermally modified before being stained, brushed and embossed to recreate the texture of charred wood without the residue. This highly controlled process gives a higher level of dimensional stability and reliable results every time.

Great design without great effort

Charred timber cladding offers a complete solution for any wall, not just precision milled piece of charred timber cladding but also the detailed trims to ensure a streamline finish and watertight result.

Modernising an ancient tradition

Our timbers mimic the realistic look of charred wood. Applying thermal treatment forces an additional barrier of protection against insect attack and rot, furthermore increasing the timber's overall durability.



Do you deliver to country areas?

We can deliver to most anywhere in Victoria as well as interstate for large orders. If we can't accommodate your delivery ourselves we can deliver to a transport depot that can safely get your timber from A to B.


Do you have much timber in stock?

We stock a huge range of timbers and can prepare most orders with a very short turn around time. Talk to our sales team and they can help you further with your specific needs.

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