External Timber Cladding

Give any project an instant facelift and amplify your building’s street appeal with our external timber cladding.

Using timber creates a harmonious flow from your structure to the outside world, so let the grandeur of WR Timber’s wood cladding impress the neighbours.

We specialise in Australian hardwood cladding for domestic and commercial applications, but source and stock most timber species, so make a request. 

Our external timber cladding can be used in either vertical or horizontal designs and is available with a modern square edged profile.


Enhanced Street Appeal

Give your building a stylish facade and let the beauty of wood lift its appeal. External timber cladding simultaneously harmonises your structure with the outside world and helps it stand out from the rest. Unleash your unique flair and choose timber cladding to make a tasteful statement.

Pre Oiling Service

By using our oiling service you are saving time and guaranteeing the best protection for your timber. Each piece of wood is oiled on every surface before arriving on site. Want to know more? Click here for information about our oiling service.

Resistant to Extreme Weather and Moisture

We stock timbers that are naturally evolved to take the hit that harsh Australian conditions can deliver. The blistering sun and steady rain won’t be a problem. Our Australian hardwoods have no toxic chemicals and low moisture absorbency making them resilient to rot.

Water Tight

Keep the rain out by using our aluminium trim and rubber seals when you install your external timber cladding. Watertight and weather proof so you don't ever have to waste valuable time worrying.

Timber Species For Cladding

Talk to our team about your cladding project.

Cypress Pine
Silvertop Ash
Silvertop Stringybark
Spotted Gum
Western Red Cedar



Do you deliver to country areas?

We can deliver to most anywhere in Victoria as well as interstate for large orders. If we can't accommodate your delivery ourselves we can deliver to a transport depot that can safely get your timber from A to B.


Does WR Timbers sell direct to the public, or only to industry professionals?

We sell to anyone in the market for quality timber products. Builders, architects, designers, owner builders, DIYers and anyone else are welcome at WR Timbers.


Will my external timber cladding be waterproof?

We can provide you with everything you need to make your timber cladding water tight. Just have a chat with one of our sales staff.


Will you work directly with my designer?

We are happy to work with anyone. We will find you the perfect timber to help a designer create your perfect space.

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