Timber Battens

Timber battens can be used in a multitude of ways both internally and externally. They provide a natural warmth and interest to any space. Our quality hardwood battens can be customised for any project big or small.

With a huge range of Australian and international hardwoods in stock and ready to go we can help move your project along.

Our timber battens are kiln dried, machined using state-of-the-art technology, available in varied lengths and widths, and sanded for you if requested. We can even finish them in house to make your job on site even easier.


Timber is one of the few available natural building materials. Using wood in your building project is a great choice. It stores carbon that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere, is non-toxic and has excellent insulation properties helping reduce your overall household or business energy costs.

Straight Edge

Our timber battens are cut with precision technology and have a straight edge each and every time. We take the stress out of your build by ensuring your timbers can be spaced precisely, saving you time and energy come building day.



Do you deliver to country areas?

We can deliver to most anywhere in Victoria as well as interstate for large orders. If we can't accommodate your delivery ourselves we can deliver to a transport depot that can safely get your timber from A to B.


Will WR Timbers finish my timber battens for me?

Yes, we are able to deliver your battens in a raw or finished state. We have a great range of timber species and stains to choose from so it's all up to you.

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