Silvertop Stringybark

Silvertop is a warm honey colour timber that is ideally suit for flooring. Being a contemporary neutral colour, Silvertop matches well with a large variety of modern interior decors. From beautiful houses to modern Commercial Spaces, Silvertop is a species that will continue to compliment well into the future. Silvertop Stringybark is a medium size hardwood that grows on the coastal fall in the NSW Northern tablelands.

Common Names: Silvertop Stringybark, Silvertop
Look & Features: Relatively straight grained, with some tight interlocking, relatively free from gum veins
Colours: Honey browns, sometimes with slight pinkish hue
Dry Density: 850kg/m3
Hardness Rating: 8.8 (Species hardness is measured in Janka numbers - the higher the harder the species)

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