A large Australian Hardwood, Blackbutt is known for its’ fire resistance, making this timber an ideal choice for decking, flooring, cladding and house framing. Blackbutt trees grow quickly and, with a variety of uses, it is ideal for plantation timber. The Heartwood can range in colour from golden yellow to pale brown and occasionally with a slight pinkish tinge. The colour of the Sapwood is paler than the Heartwood and is not always easy to distinguish. 

The common name is derived from the distinctive black, charcoal look that is only on the base of the trunk. The timber is renowned for both its strength and versatility of application. Blackbutt is a straight grained timber, with a warm nutty hue which will compliment a range of interior designs where a lighter neutral palette is required.

Blackbutt timber has good fire resistance making it one of seven hardwood timbers found suitable by the Building Commission in Victoria for the construction of homes in bushfire prone areas.

Common Names: Blackbutt, Coastal Blackbutt 

Look & Features: Exhibits pinholes, dark gum veins and some surface checking 

Botanical Name: Eucalyptus Pilularis 

Colour: Colour fairly even from a light honey through to golden nutty browns - sapwood is distinctively paler 

Dry Density: 900kg/m

Natural Durability: Class 1 (above ground) 

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