Engineered Bamboo

If you're on the hunt for a beautiful and environmentally friendly flooring option our engineered bamboo is the ideal choice.

WR Timbers only stock the highest quality bamboo floorboards making your decision even easier. They are a modern take on a classic look that doesn't compromise the natural feel or visual appeal of traditional floorboards. 

Our engineered bamboo boards are a cost effective solution for any domestic and commercial build or renovation - and don't forget the added bonus of ticking that sustainability box!

Features of Bamboo Flooring


Engineered bamboo is the logical option if you care about sustainable living. Bamboo wood is in plentiful supply and quickly replenishes making it a truly renewable resource. Our bamboo flooring will bring a touch of class to any green building project.

Fast Delivery

With engineered bamboo floorboards already in stock you can have them ready to install in a matter of 2-4 working days. So if you are time conscious on the job let us help make your build an efficient one.

Flexibility in Design

Bamboo floors naturally come in a wide array of grains and shades. At WR Timbers we offer a great range of stains for you to choose from. Put these two elements together and you will find a shade of engineered bamboo floor to please even the most discerning designer's eye.

Manufactured to the Highest Standard

Our engineered bamboo boards are made using a cold pressed manufacturing process. This guarantees a high-end finish making your bamboo floors not only beautiful but stable and strong as well..

Bamboo Range

As timber experts WR Timbers have selected the highest quality range of Engineered bamboo.

ArrowBamboo Brown Wattle
ArrowBamboo Chardonnay
ArrowBamboo Ebony
ArrowBamboo Eureka
ArrowBamboo Latte
ArrowBamboo Rococco Sands
ArrowBamboo Shiraz
ArrowBamboo Torquay

Services: Joinery

WR Timbers takes pride in our ability to source premium, select grade timbers from most Australian and exotic species imaginable. We provide your joinery timbers to order, and are able to customise to your design on a job by job basis.

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Are bamboo floors as durable as hardwoods?

Our engineering processes ensure our bamboo timber floors are extremely hard wearing and highly resistant to denting. They will withstand almost anything.


Do you sell the accessories I will need to lay my timber floor?

Yes. We can supply glue, trowels, plywood, splitz anchors and sub floor materials such as posts, concrete stumps, bearers and joists.


How do bamboo floors react to humidity?

As the bamboo plant grows in tropical climates it generally is more resilient than other timber floors to humidity, meaning less chance of your floor swelling and contracting.


How long does installation of a timber floor take?

We can deliver your timber floorboards in 3-4 working days but we don't install. Your builder will have to field this one!